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Rawkus - Easter collection sign-ups

RAWKUS is returning to halls of residence to save food and other items from going to waste during the Easter holidays.

The project is now 5 years old and we have achieved so much all thanks to the hard work of volunteers like you! Tonnes of food and other items have been saved from ending up in the bin and have been given to local charities and food banks.

We are asking all students and staff who are available on the 16th March (9am-6pm) to come and support the collection. Please do sign up yourself and share the page with friends and colleagues.

Sign up online here: 


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President's statement on University Disciplinary review

The SU is pleased to note that we have finally received a response from the Vice-Chancellor to our open letter regarding the group chat appeal outcome, and that the University is beginning to listen to students on these issues.

Final candidates revealed

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Activate - student volunteers wanted!

Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity where you can help activate the potential of young people? If so, join the ACTIVATE team to deliver workshops on access into Higher Education for students of African, Asian, Arab and Caribbean descent.

LGBTUA+ History Month

Throughout many periods in history, the lives and accomplishments of LGBTUA+ people have been ignored or actively erased. This LGBTUA+ History Month we're spreading knowledge and forging links to counteract this historical erasure.


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