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Wednesday Afternoons Free

Every Wednesday afternoon, students are missing the chance to attend BUCS fixtures, meet up with their society, undertake volunteering opportunities, and enrich their university experience outside of their timetables.

The SU's new campaign seeks to pressure the university to implement a comprehensive and inclusive Wednesday Afternoons Free (WAF) policy, so that students can be free to pursue their extra-curricular passions and enrich their Warwick experience.

Make sure you get involved so that we can help improve life on campus for all students - find out more over at our CAMPAIGN PAGE HERE.


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Revolt - Sexual Assault Survey

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Sport in Term 2

Put your game face on and be part of something special this term - we are all #TeamWarwick!

SU response to OfS consultation

Warwick SU recently responded to the Government’s consultation on the role of the proposed ‘Office for Students’ (OfS) in its Higher Education reforms. Click through to read a summary of our response.


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