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Exam Advice: unwell or unfit to finish an exam

Ill in an Exam

If you are unwell or feel like leaving an exam without finishing it, always speak to the Invigilator about how you are feeling as there is support available which may help you to be able to complete the exam.

Problems during an Exam

If you do leave an exam early without finishing it because you cannot cope with staying in the exam, it is important to get advice as quickly as possible from your Department (via Personal Tutor, Departmental Senior Tutor or Course Director) about what this will mean to you academically, what you will need to do to provide evidence of your circumstances and what support is available to you.

If you are unwell during an exam you should see your doctor afterwards to check your health, particularly if you want to submit medical evidence.

Other places to get support:

* SU Advice Centre:
* Dean of Students & Faculty Senior Tutors:
* Wellbeing Support:

If things don’t go well for you in an exam, these pages may also be useful:



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