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Disposal of Knives and Sharps - info for students

Over 7,000 students live on campus and produce around 900 Tonnes of waste each year. Campus kitchens are equipped with three separate bins:

- 1 for General waste
- 1 for mixed recycling
- 1 for sharps, broken glass, tins lids, knives

Unfortunately, knives and sharps are regularly misplaced in the general waste and mixed recycling plastics bags. Consequently, several accidents were reported this year, resulting in waste assistants being cut and harmed when collecting plastic bags containing knives and sharps. Misplaced sharps are also a risk to the students as you are responsible for removing your bags of waste to the bunker bins and refuse rooms!

To prevent any risk or harm to staff or students with misplaced knives/sharps, we ask that students:

1) Only use the sharps bins for knives, sharps and broken glass (cleaning services will then empty the bins into appropriate containers)

2) Do not use the sharps bins for general glass, as this should be disposed of in the glass banks located around the campus.  See the map for information of the locations:

3) Only use transparent bags to dispose of mixed recycling and general waste.