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Culturally Competent Student Support

Offering the best system for student support which focuses on the mental health and wellbeing of students is undeniably a responsibility and focus for Universities across the country as this is central to the student experience. However, at Warwick we are yet to see an approach which addresses the additional institutional barriers faced by: LGBTUA+ students, Black students and people of colour, disabled students, care leavers, carers, students from widening participation backgrounds, first-generation students, international students, students for whom English is a second language and more. 

Throughout this report, student support refers to all systems which are in place for students to engage with for support, including but not limited to: Wellbeing Support Services including Disability Services and Counselling & Psychology Interventions Team, Personal Tutors, Residential Life Team, Campus Security and Student Discipline. 

Tiana Holgate conducted research among students at Warwick about their experiences of accessing student support at University, from the barriers they faced to whether they felt their identity was respected. 

This report denotes what it would mean for student support at Warwick to be truly culturally competent. It sets out a series of recommendations of what the University of Warwick should be doing to address the issues revealed from this research, to create a student support system which is truly equal for all. These include: removing the deficit model, training, recruitment and proactive, ongoing communication with students. 

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