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News from SU Campaigns & Communities

Week 9 is Pride Week!

Week 9 is Pride Week at Warwick, and we have a full week of events for the LGBTUA+ community and their supporters.

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Our LGBTUA+ community is coming together in week 9 to offer you the opportunity to find out more about LGBTUA+ identities, community, and history!

Coffee Evening & Marrow Sign-Up

Monday 25th November, 5-8pm
SU Atrium near Curiositea

Feel free to drop in to our chill coffee session for Pride Week - it’s an amazing opportunity to do some work, unwind and catch up with friends whilst also providing an opportunity to sign up to the Antony Nolan Bone Marrow Register- some come on down, have a coffee and save a life!

Trans Students' Meeting

Tuesday 26th November, 5-6pm
SU Graduate (Dirty Duck)

Open to all trans and non-binary students, and those in the process of questioning their gendre identity. This is an opportunity to meet your representatives and members of your community, to discuss arising issues and concerns, and find out more about what's coming soon.

Trans History of Pride

Tuesday 26th November, 6-7pm
SU Graduate (Dirty Duck)

Join us to watch a short documentary about the trans community's history in the Pride movement, followed by an opportunity to discuss the content together in a relaxed friendly environment.

Query A Queer - live!

Wednesday 27th November, 1-2pm
SU Graduate (Dirty Duck)

Members of Warwick's LGBTUA+ community are here to answer your questions! Want to know a bit more about an identity that's part of the LGBTUA+ community? Ask us! Want to know what are some of the most pressing issues currently facing the LGBTUA+ community? Ask us!

You can also listen in live via Warwick Pride's Facebook page.

LGBTUA+ Sex Ed Lesson

Wednesday 27th November, 2-3:30pm
SU Graduate (Dirty Duck)

Sex education in schools is notoriously bad, so we're organising our own! Join us to learn more about sex, consent & relationships as part of the LGBTUA+ community.

[postponed] Hate Crime Reporting Training

Support peers in reporting hate crime and hate incidents by attending this training. The first part is delivered by West Midlands Police's anti-social behaviour lead, explaining the types of crime & incident that can be reported, the third party hate crime reporting system and other reporting routes. The second part is delivered by an SU facilitator and focuses on how to support those who disclose an incident of hate to you, including the university, SU and local services available (for them and for you).

Narratives of Queer Islam: History, Politics, Protest

Friday 29th November, 4:30-6pm
SU Atrium central seating space

For Pride Week and Islamophobia Awareness Month, Warwick Pride and Warwick Queer History Group present Narratives of Islam, a short talk followed by discussion on the history and politics of the interactions and intersections of queerness with Islam. Refreshments provided.


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