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#WeGetConsent: You Said, We Did

We reviewed the #WeGetConsent campaign over summer, and are excited to share the outcomes of our consultation work with you.

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The #WeGetConsent Campaign has three main aims:

  • Campaigning for better sex on campus 

  • Campaigning and educating together 

  • Campaigning against domestic and sexual violence 

Launched in 2016, the campaign has delivered event programmes for Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week, researched students’ experiences of drink-spiking and nights out in the local area, created a blog series on sex, consent and intimacy, and established active bystander education at Warwick. You can find out more at warwicksu.com/consent. 

Hear a bit more about the project from Sophie Norman, who joined the SU’s Projects & Campaigns team for 6 weeks to revamp the #WeGetConsent campaign: 

“I’m Sophie and I’ve been working on reviewing the #WeGetConsent campaign as part of my internship. During this project I reviewed the success of the campaign so far and the ways it could be improved going forward. A major part of this was consulting student groups and key stakeholders through focus groups in order to see how we could make the campaign more impactful and collaborative.” 

Here are the outcomes of our consultation: 

You Said 

We Did 

The aims of the campaign weren't clear 

We're adding a summary of the key elements of the campaign to our webpage. 

The activities related to the campaign weren't clear 

We're signposting the activities and groups relating to the campaign more clearly on the webpage. 

You hadn't seen the website 

We are planning to signpost #WeGetConsent in more places on the SU website, including the homepage where appropriate. 

The webpage is hard to navigate 

We're rearranging the webpage into clear tabs/sections to make it clearer (see Green Hub). 

You'd rather hear about it on social media 

We are considering the social media presence of the campaign including posts that socs and sports clubs can use to promote their participation in the campaign. 

You'd like to see more in person aspects of the campaign  

We're working on collaborations with relevant societies as well as bringing back initiatives such as the welfare stand. 

The SU seemed too bureaucratic to collaborate with  

We’re concentrating on fostering relationships with key student groups and stakeholders.  

It's not clear who to contact with ideas/questions 

We're adding a section on how to get involved and who to contact to our webpage. 

You don't understand how the SU works 

We're considering creating a resource on how to work with the SU. 

SU branding on its own isn't very impactful 

We’re incorporating broader society engagement, as well as relevant societies into the #WeGetConsent campaign. 

Branding of work relating to #WeGetConsent wasn't very clear/branding needs to be more cohesive 

We're looking into branding via laptop stickers, social media templates etc. 

The output of the project wasn't clear 

We're adding a timeline of past campaign achievements, as well as a news section for updates. We're also looking at creating resources for use by student groups to widen our impact. 

For more information, please contact campaigns@warwicksu.com.



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