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The Black Liberation Project launches

The Black Liberation Project (BLP) is a forum for Black students to access information on all things Black Liberation. Read about its launch this Black History Month.

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The Black Liberation Project (BLP) is a forum for Black students to access information on all things Black Liberation. 

University can be overwhelming, and when paired with mismanagement, it can be difficult to make time to be involved in campaigns that appeal to you. There may be an event on something that is particularly interesting to you and that, ideally, you would attend, but you may not be aware of it because you aren’t invested in the society.

The BLP acts as a space to accumulate all those events by societies that represent Black students so it’s easier to see what’s going on in the student body. It also highlights the work that so many societies put in to ensure that you have the best university experience possible.

Not only does the BLP act as a forum to access event information, but it acts as a forum for Black students to support and be in community with one another.


How you can get involved with the Black Liberation Project:

Oftentimes, students can diminish how much of a resource they are for Black liberation. Whether it’s a beauty YouTube channel, a food blog, or a fashion Instagram, we want to promote it to the wider Warwick community, so send us the details!

The BLP was originally borne from the work of the 2019/2020 SU officers and has officially been launched by the 2020/21 Ethnic Minorities Officers. Ensuring that the student body is focal to the BLP is integral to guaranteeing that it represents the student body and establishing its longevity. To aid this, we are looking for BLP Reps to take on the responsibly of organising and/or supporting campaign(s) with societies that represent Black students. The initial round of applications will close at 5pm on Wednesday 11th November, with initial training taking place 2-3pm on Friday 13th November.

Another way to contribute to the BLP, if you don’t have a personal campaign or if you don’t want to commit to becoming a BLP Rep, is to submit videos or think-pieces (be it poetry, drawings, or an article) on what Black liberation looks like to you.

If you’re interested in any of these opportunities, please email


Despite the launch of the BLP being during the month of October (also Black History Month), it is important that Black history and Black liberation-related campaigns aren’t confined within the parameters of a month. The BLP is a campaign that, hopefully, will run and be prominent throughout the whole academic year.

If you’d like updates about the Black Liberation Project on an ongoing basis, please sign up to the mailing list here.


With love and solidarity,

Rachel Annor-Agyei

Warwick SU Co-Ethnic Minorities Officer 2020/21



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