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Spaces available on the Active Bystander Intervention Programme

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Students are a leading voice on issues of equality, diversity and liberation, and have the power to bring about real positive social change. Sexual violence and harassment are widespread problems that exist across society, and university campuses are no exception to that, including Warwick.

Every single one of us has a responsibility to acknowledge this issue and take action to tackle it. Together, as a community, we must strive to make our campus and local area as safe and inclusive as possible. That’s why we’ve worked together with the university to offer the Active Bystander Intervention programme, free to current Warwick students in term 2.

The Active Bystander Intervention programme empowers students by providing the knowledge, skills, and confidence to make safe interventions. It is delivered through 8 weekly 90 minute sessions, with 4 timeslots available:

  • Tuesdays, 4-5.30pm, Gibbet Hill campus
  • Wednesdays, 11.15-12.45pm, main campus
  • Wednesdays, 12.30-2pm, main campus
  • Thursdays, 12-1.30pm, main campus

You can find out more about the course via its online FAQs.

If you are interested, we’d encourage you to register for one of the available timeslots here.


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