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Rootes FlexiGrid space booked for LGBTUA+ community space trial

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The Being LGBTUA+ at Warwick project found that LGBTUA+ students felt unsupported by the lack of space for the LGBTUA+ community to meet, socialise and organise on the university campus. A recommendation of the report was to create a permanent LGBTUA+ community space on campus.

As a first step, and to evidence the demand for a permanent LGBTUA+ space on campus, the Rootes FlexiGrid has been booked for the exclusive use of the LGBTUA+ community every Monday of term 1, from 9am to 9pm. 

The Rootes FlexiGrid is on the first floor of the Rootes Social building, to the left of (and signposted from) Bar Fusion. Food from Bar Fusion can be brought into the Rootes FlexiGrid, and the LGBTUA+ community can use the space for both informal meetings and organised events.

You can find out about news, events, resources and campaigns for the LGBTUA+ community via the LGBTUA+ Community Hub.


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