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Responding to the endemic issues of sexual violence, harassment and domestic abuse

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As a student community, we are actively building safer and more inclusive spaces. We're proactively educating ourselves and others about consent, and are responding to the endemic issues of sexual violence, harassment and domestic abuse by empowering our community with the knowledge, skills and confidence to intervene.

Each of us has a responsibility to act, which is why we’re calling on every student and staff member to get involved and help make a difference. Together, we know we can build the respectful, safe and inclusive community that we aspire to live, work and study in.

Breaking the stigma, educating ourselves and others

We recently launched our #WeGetConsent blog series, which explores topics relating to sex, consent, and relationships. So far you can read Amara’s simple guide on consent, what it entails and what it isn’t, Jake’s ‘Queering Consent’ blog in conjunction with Pride Week, and Allana’s blog on topics to discuss with sexual partners.

If you’d like to contribute a blog to the series, please email us via Blog contributors receive a £10 shopping voucher as a token of thanks.


Continuing the conversation on consent

Sexpression Warwick organise a weekly discussion on topics relating to sex and relationships. Join their Teams space, and check out these and other great events. Past events have included sex education workshops, speaker events, screenings, and discussions, as well as the opportunity to sculpt a penis or vulva from clay, and sexy cake baking/decorating!

Our Let’s Talk project is also answering students’ anonymous questions about sex, relationships and consent. Got a question? Ask it here! Want to help answer other students’ questions about sex, consent and relationships? Sign up as a Let’s Talk volunteer here.


(click here to access the full-size version of the resource above, and more, from Hollaback!)

Becoming an active bystander

After piloting the Intervention Initiative at Warwick - supporting students to develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to make safe and effective interventions when faced with unacceptable behaviour like harassment and sexual violence - we lobbied the University to offer active bystander intervention education to all students. We now work with the Dean of Students’ Office through the Community Values Education Programme to offer an introductory workshop on bystander intervention, as well as the full 10-hour course in term 2 which is now open for registration.

You can support this project and its goals by signing up to attend an introductory workshop, and registering for the full course.

Moving forwards together

Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week will next be observed 1st – 7th February, and we’re looking for students who would like to join our organising group. If you have an idea to share, or can spare some time to help organise the week’s activities, please sign up here.

We’re also holding a town hall event today to discuss the next steps in our community’s response to the endemic issues of sexual violence, harassment and domestic abuse. Join us today (Wednesday 9th December), 3-4pm via Teams.


For more on past and current actions, and how you can get involved, visit the #WeGetConsent campaign webpage.


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