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Raheema Sivardeen's study tips

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Work upstairs and downstairs:

Change your study space by working at your dining table in the morning and your bedroom desk in the afternoon.


Use a timer:
Work for a solid 30 or 45 mins before getting up and changing your scene (can be as simple as getting a glass of water or just climbing the stairs).


Doing something is better than nothing:         
Even if you’re feeling really unmotivated, just read through your notes or just complete half a lecture. Over the days, you can gradually increase this until you get yourself back into a good rhythm.


Turn off your phone:

It’s so tempting to start scrolling / texting, so just switch it off completely and keep it out of your room, until your lunch / dinner breaks.


Enjoy yourself:

Plan an afternoon activity so you can fully relax in this time. It gives you something to work for / look forward to and can also perk you up for any evening work.


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