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Patricia Xiang's study tips

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I would like to share my study tips with everyone.

As a person stuck in an exotic country (Jordan) without knowing anyone, which I believe many share the same experience as me, I often found myself at lost of what to do and how to spend the time wisely. Nevertheless, I have organised several tips that would help you to be more organised and stay away from the boredom:

  1. Learn a new skill. I have picked up programming again although I am a social science student with zero coding background, however, after committing several hours to it (which is nothing during quarantine) I found it is much easier and more powerful than I previously thought!
  2. Try to cook! Plenty of time for you to cook some dishes fancier than instant noodles. Recently I have been cooking traditional Arabic food, which requires me to stay in the kitchen for more than 5 hours every day! However, nothing compares to the great satisfaction of enjoying something you created from scratch, not to say delicious food!
  3. Don’t forget to work out! Quarantine is going to be the biggest single cause of the sudden increase in obesity in the next few years for sure, but always remember summer will arrive sooner or later! There are many yoga/home-gym working out challenges on instagram and Youtube, which are great ways to get yourself motivated. 


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