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New trans-inclusive teaching & learning guidance

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Warwick International Higher Education Academy (WIHEA) and the Students’ Union worked in partnership over the summer to produce trans-inclusive teaching & learning guidance for those who teach at Warwick.

Building on the Being LGBTUA+ at Warwick project and the work of Warwick’s active trans community, the guidance includes an introduction to who trans & gender-diverse students are and the issues they face, what can be done in the academic context to support them, and existing work supporting trans & gender-diverse students and their supporters at Warwick.

Please help us reach as many people as possible who teach at Warwick by sharing the guidance with your lecturers and seminar tutors.

We’d like to give particular thanks to the project’s guidance writer, Hannah Ayres, to Prof Gwen van der Velden, whose National Teaching Fellowship award funding (generously provided by the University of Warwick) funded the project and without whom the project could not have been realised, to Lisa Drummond, WIHEA’s administrative lead, and to the staff and students who kindly shared their experiences and advice with us.


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