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My Experience of Freetest.me Postal STI Testing

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The testing kit was really easy to order online, literally took about a minute. You have to disclose a few details about your sexual activity and your partner’s in order for them to determine which tests you might need but the questions were not too invasive. Depending on your answers and local council provider you may be offered a swab test and a blood test or just one. Most of the larger localities offer both, and if you aren’t offered a blood test for HIV but would like one you can always get them from https://freetesting.hiv/. At this point you can also choose whether to get your results by text, email or post.

How trans-inclusive the ordering websites are varied by the local provider. Mine offered a choice of male, female and 'trans' for the sex category but only male and female for your partner. From my brief research the London versions tend to be better on language. It’s important to ensure you check which kit you are getting as there is a different process depending on whether you have a vagina or a penis.

The kit arrived within about 3 working days in a discrete small package that fit through the letter box. 

Freetest.me kit

The instructions were easy to follow. For the chlamydia test it is just a swab of the vagina (if you have one). It took less than a minute to swab and secure it in the packaging. This can still be done if you are on your period.

The blood test might not be for everyone. You are provided with antiseptic wipes, a small vial to fill up and three spring-loaded devices for pricking your finger. If you do not fancy pricking yourself, you can always get a friend to help as I did! If you struggle to get enough blood out of one finger you can use multiple. Once you have pricked your finger and wiped away the first drop of blood you then have to ‘milk’ your finger encouraging the blood into the capsule.

I gave it a go but was not able to get enough blood to reach the minimum level needed for a test which was marked on the capsule.  I struggle with needles and I also have hard to access veins - medical professionals have had difficulty taking blood from me several times! So, I will stick to having my blood tests done at a clinic but I know several people who have been able to do the at home tests.

I completed the short form to go with the kit and then posted my swab test off in the box provided (the postage is free). I got my swab results by text a few days later. Overall, it was really easy and discrete. I would definitely recommend it.


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