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Megha Bawa's study tips

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Set revision hours

  • During quarantine, it’s really hard to stick to a routine, at least during term time lectures make me adhere to somewhat of a routine (or countless texts from friends in the library asking me where I am after promising for a morning study sesh the night before); stick to routinely revision hours to balance working and chilling


Create a clean workspace

  • Make an area dedicated to working with a comfortable chair and table, with all materials nearby, working from bed is tempting, but having a separate environment to focus in will make you more productive (and make getting into bed an even better reward)


Talk to friends about work

  • Often when working at home it’s easy to become isolated, during term time I’m often complaining about revision to friends, so pick up that phone and have a quick video call –complain about the word count, ask questions, stay connected as we are all in this together


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