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Luke Shortland's study tips

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1) Eat well. This doesn’t mean “eat nothing but salad like a rabbit” (who am I kidding) but try to make sure the food you eat makes you feel happy both at the time of eating, and the time 45 minutes after eating. I find cooking helps use up time and makes you enjoy what you’re eating more - if you’re not confident in the kitchen, try a chilli!

2) Be structured. I live by a short interval method where I study for 23 minutes and then rest for 7. Find your own way, but then hold yourself to it!

3) Use your hour of exercise. Try to find a park near where you live and use it to switch off. Personally, I choose not to take my phone when I do this sometimes if I’m feeling a bit stressed because it helps me give some time to myself.

4) This one is a bit silly but I like to do each module in a different chair or room, with a different snack for each one. I have no idea if this helps, but you might find it’s your secret! ??

Happy Studying,
Luke Shortland


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