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Letter from our campus-based Sexual and Domestic Violence Adviser

If you have been impacted by sexual and/or domestic violence read Lisa’s statement explaining her role and how you can contact her.

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Being a student at University can be a time of big change: being away from home for the first time, being away from those closest to you, starting new friendships and relationships, expanding your mind with new ideas and experiences, balancing your academic studies and your social life. Experiencing sexual and/or domestic abuse at any point in your life can be scary and confusing and it can have an enormous impact on all aspects of your life. The impact can sometimes affect your academic studies and your University experiences, and life can sometimes feel very overwhelming. You may have lots of questions and fears surrounding what has happened and how this is impacting your life, and I want you to know that you are not alone and you do not have to go through this on your own.

I’m Lisa Woodhouse and I am a specialist qualified Sexual and Domestic Violence Adviser for the University’s Wellbeing Support Services. I can provide confidential emotional support and advice to any member of the University who has been affected by these issues. It is your choice if you wish to report what has happened and by speaking with me you are under no pressure by the University or the police to report your experience(s). You do not need to tell me anything you do not want to and I do not need to know the details of what has happened but I can provide you with a safe, inclusive and confidential space to discuss your reporting options, talk about the impact and how you are feeling, and to discuss ways of coping and managing these feelings. I can provide you with emotional support if you decide you wish to report your experience to the University, and I can make a referral for you to speak with an Independent Sexual Violence Adviser if you wish to access some support with reporting the crime to the police. I can also liaise, only with your consent, with other University teams to ensure you have your needs heard and that support is provided wherever possible.

If you have been affected by, or experienced sexual and/or domestic violence and you wish to access some support please contact me via email lisa.woodhouse@warwick.ac.uk.

Alternatively you can speak to a Wellbeing Adviser via 024 7657 5570 or via the Wellbeing Portal, who can then refer you to me.

Best wishes,

Lisa Woodhouse
Sexual and Domestic Violence Adviser



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