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LGBTQUA+ Campaigns Update

This update includes: preferred pronoun fields, the Queering University programme, sanitary bins in all toilets, and Campus Pride.

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It's Pride Month and we have a lot to celebrate!

Pronouns field on student records

As part of work to normalise the sharing and non-assumption of pronouns, there is now an optional pronouns field on your student record. You'll be given the opportunity to declare your pronouns at (re)enrolment from now on, and you can update them any time via eVision (where you can also update your preferred name, gender marker etc.)

Your pronouns (if declared) will be included on your Tabula profile, visible to those who teach you. We are working with the University to ensure that those who teach will be aware of this information.

Queering University programme

The new Queering University programme supports staff and students at Warwick to develop, implement, share and sustain queer and LGBTQUA+ inclusive practices. We encourage you to watch the introductory video to the programme, explore the projects in the first phase of the programme, opportunities for you to engage with the programme, and the guidance and resources which are currently available.

New resources published by the programme include:

The programme has just launched an anonymous question-answering service too, so head over to with your questions (or pass it on)!

Sanitary bins in all toilets

We know that not all women menstruate, and not everyone that menstruates is a woman. That's why it's an important step forwards for LGBTQUA+ inclusion to have secured a commitment from the University to place sanitary bins in all toilet facilities on campus.

Every cubicle in women's and gender-neutral facilities will have a bin, and at least one cubicle in all men's facilities will have one too. In facilities where some cubicles don't have a bin, the cubicles which do will be indicated via a sticker on the door.

Campus Pride

Campus Pride, a summer celebration of LGBTQUA+ history, people, and culture, began at Warwick last year after plans for a campus-based Pride parade were postponed due to the pandemic. It has now grown to a collaboration of over 55 students' unions from across the UK, and is back for its second year!

You can find Campus Pride's full events schedule online, including talks, screenings, workshops, workouts, DJ sets and more! Please email your suggestions for further events to our campaigns adviser, Sam.

Want to know more?

You can find updates on LGBTQUA+ campaigns at Warwick here anytime, as well as trans-specific campaigns here.


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