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Kelly To's study tips

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I have trouble finding motivation to do work at home honestly enough. So I've been very unproductive over Easter, however, im now using more hacks! 

I use the KanBan listing method for my checklists which lays out your tasks so much better! Having it sorted into to do, doing, review and completed makes it look much less intimidating than as one long list! And you can put little relaxing things like reading on it. 

I find starting the day with my work pre-set up also makes me much more willing to just sit down and start working making sure there's enough light! 

Finally, in my least productive days, I make sure not to guilt myself about it! Everyone has off days. In those days I'll relax but set aside some time and do the pompodoro technique which is short bursts of work then a short break and repeat! Time flies and you get a lot more done :). 

Video calling friends and studying together motivates both of you, especially since family may not be working so having someone you work with is the greatest push of all! 

Best of luck and stay safe! 


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