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Joining Your Associations & Committee Elections!

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Did you know that the SU has five Students' Associations?

The Associations act as a voice for underrepresented students, are consulted on issues affecting their communities and bring relevant concerns to the attention of the SU and University, organise activities for the benefit of their communities and communicate relevant updates and opportunities.

You can get involved in three ways:

  • As a member if you identify as part of the relevant community (via the Association pages linked above).
  • As a committee member if you'd like to get involved with running the Associations e.g. as a treasurer, as a chair, or via another position. You can find the positions available for election here.
  • As a supporter if you don't identify as part of the relevant community (via the Association pages linked above).

Autumn Elections nominations have now closed, and voting will commence online on Monday 18th October. The voting period will end on Friday 22nd October.


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