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Hidden Histories series seeking contributors

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Warwick SU’s Hidden Histories alternative lecture series seeks to explore often-erased stories of oppression and resistance. It gives a platform to academic narratives and discourses which are often neglected or even deliberately erased from mainstream curricula, and opens these discussions up for students from any and all disciplines to access and engage in them. 

We are currently calling for students and staff in higher education who feel they may have a topic to contribute to the series, either as an individual or as part of a group, to contact us via

The Students’ Union launched this series as part of the work to liberate the curriculum. It seeks to highlight how the erasure of these histories impacts on contemporary perceptions of the world around us, and thus why it is important to learn about them. Though this initiative is extra-curricular, we hope that through Hidden Histories as a student and staff community, we can collectively explore and showcase what a truly liberated curriculum could look like.

Recent events in the series have included:

  • "Queer pedagogy, queer history, and the road to inclusion" by Hannah Ayres

  • "The Bitter History of the Booker Prize: The Booker Company, Sugar Imperialism, and the Battle for British Guiana" by Dr Ben Richardson

  • "The Stonewall Riots and the Legacy of Marsha P Johnson" by Dr Michell Chresfield


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