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Free pronoun badges & LGBTUA+ equality wristbands

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Sharing your pronouns is a great way of normalising the non-assumption of people’s gender and pronouns. Some simple ways of doing this include wearing a pronoun badge, and including your pronouns in your email signature. For other suggestions, check out the university’s Pronouns: Let’s Get It Right campaign.

You can now pick up a free pronoun badge from SU HQ Reception during the SU’s opening hours, as well as a rainbow ‘Support LGBTUA+ Equality’ wristband. One way to remember your pronoun badge each day is to attach it to a lanyard or other item you can wear daily.

You can also donate £1 for a pair of rainbow laces from SU HQ Reception to support kicking LGBTUAphobia out of sport!

If you’d like a larger number of badges, wristbands or rainbow laces for your society, club, or student group, please email the SU’s Campaigns & Liberation Advisor via


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