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Eunice Soo's study tips

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Studying at home during this period taken positively is one of the best times as there's no reason to go out, reducing the distractions pulling you away from your studies. However, for some this are trying times where many face the fear of the corona virus and death of love ones. Nevertheless, these are some study tips which I have found to be helpful. 

  1. Find somewhere comfortable, but not too comfortable
    1. Studying somewhere with too much noise or with unsuitable lighting will only make you lose focus
    2. Make sure it's not too comfortable too(like on your bed) as you might risk dozing off 
  2. Setting hourly tasks
    1. set tasks to finish revising a particular topic, or solving a problem/question within a set time limit 
    2. this way you'll be able to keep track of what you have done for the day
  3. Reward yourself
    1. after a task is complete, reward yourself with a small treat, or a 5-minute break 
    2. this way, you will look forward to completing the set task 
  4. Daily review
    1. at the end of the day, review what you have gone through or think about the difference you made studying compared to the day before


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