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Declan Wiseman's study tips

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  1. Get some sun! If you can, it’s best to get some sunshine whilst studying. But, if you don’t have the privilege of a garden/balcony then still try to have a break outside. Sunlight is great for making you feel awake, helping you to sort out circadian rhythm. An added boost is the vitamin D and general well-being benefit of getting some fresh air 
  2. Try switching up your workstation. If you haven’t tried making a standing desk, have a go. You might need to be intuitive here. But switching where and how you work may help to keep you comfortable and motivated. Rest your eyes by switching to a pen and paper. 
  3. Monitor your caffeine intake. Take a second before you gulp down the double espresso, you might not actually need it that day. Caffeine can make you jittery or too overstimulated to actually work. Try more gentle stimulants if you still need a kick. Also considering switching from coffee to tea, matcha, or yerba mate! 


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