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Campus Pride 2020 July Schedule

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Now a collaborative project between 42 students' unions from across the UK, the Campus Pride 2020 project continues to organise events into July and August. All events are taking place virtually, and you can find the full details and register your interest on the project's website, or via the Facebook page at

Upcoming events include...

Trans-Inclusive Teaching Workshop
Friday 17th July, 1-2:30pm

Based on the University of Warwick's trans-inclusive teaching guidance, this workshop explores how those who teach in higher education can begin to develop trans-inclusive teaching practices.

What are the next big challenges in HE for LGBT+ equality?
?Wednesday 22nd July, 2-3pm

Hear from students and staff in higher education, and join the discussion on determining the next big challenges in higher education for LGBT+ equality.

Decolonisation and Decriminalisation as Queer Liberation
Monday 27th July, 3-4:30pm

This session focuses on how the broad need for decolonisation and the specific need for decriminalising queer identity are part of the same struggle for equity and justice. Participants will be introduced to the history and ongoing campaigns for these issues, before being provided a platform to create their own spaces and responses.

A Spotlight on… Section 28
Tuesday 28th July, 5-6pm

The first in our new spotlight series, join Nick Cherryman for a spotlight on Section 28, its impact and its legacy on the LGBT+ community.

A Spotlight on… Gender Recognition in the UK
Tuesday 18th August, 2-3pm
Join us to take a look at gender recognition in the UK - past, present, and future. This talk will cover precedents set by Corbett vs Corbett and Goodwin & I v United Kingdom, the Gender Recognition Act, the Trans Inquiry Report by the Women and Equalities Committee, and Early Day Motion 660 for non-binary legal recognition.


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