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Azim Kader's study tips

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  1. Set up specific times of the day to study: i.e., block out a few hours from during the week at which you will be able to study. This will help you to develop a routine to build a mental habit for solid revision and will reduce any urges to procrastinate.
  1. Silence any distraction: Turn off any notifications from social media and other apps not used for studying. This will allow you to keep and stay focused on your work.
  1. Set goals: Write out on a post-it-note or on a piece of paper revision goals for the day and for the week. Cross them out as you go. This will provide a sense of accomplishment which will encourage and motivate you to keep going
  2. Have a reward: When finishing a revision task, reward yourself with some chocolate or whatever suits you. This will provide a dopamine kick to train your brain into wanting to accomplish more tough tasks
  1. Keep fit: Exercise between breaks. Do some star jumps or push ups (if you can), to maintain healthy blood flow around you body and keep yourself active. You will feel refreshed when retuning to revision.


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