News from Sabbatical Officers

08. Lobbying for an affordable, welcoming and comfortable campus that nurtures a stronger sense of community

  • Improve laundry services on campus by removing Circuit Laundry and replacing them with a better service.
  • Scrap the University Card Replacement Fee.
  • Increase number of microwaves available for student use on campus.
  • Lobby for a system that will allow unused teaching spaces to be used for study space.
  • Introduce nap pods.
  • Develop “dwell” space on campus, where students can chill out without pressure to study or purchase food/drink.
  • Review our building so that it is accessible to all students.


07/08/2019 - Second microwave placed in SUHQ.

23/09/2019 - Successfully lobbied the University to stop the introduction of evening and weekend parking charges.

30/09/2019 - Circuit Laundry removed from all laundrettes besides Rootes and Sherbourne.

03/10/2019 - University card replacement fee entirely scrapped.

28/10/2019 - Rebranded Postgrad Connections to focus on PG wellbeing and friend making

01/12/2019 - Money secured from the University to refurbish The Graduate and Copper Rooms 2 to provide welcoming and inviting dwell and study spaces and draw students into otherwise underutilised areas.


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