News from Sabbatical Officers

07. Harnessing the power of Sports Clubs and other student communities to bring about the change they want to see at the University and beyond

  • Introduce a disability sport at Varsity.
  • Move both Sports Fed and Exec Membership closer to equal representation of those who identify as men and women and ensure we can adequately support and create safe environments for trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming students in sport.
  • Speak with BUCS about their trans policies, particularly given the gender definition section of their new app BUCS Play.
  • Run awareness events, campaigns and talks throughout the year surrounding issues around LGBTUA+, female and disability inclusion.
  • Push for cheaper sports club membership prices to reduce barriers to participation.


24/09/2019 - Achieved record-breaking turnout at the Sports Fair (5,200) and Sports Day (3000+).

5/09/2019 and 15/11/2019 - Attended disability sport forums and Warwick is now in the select consulting group for BUCS disability sport programme.

4/10/2019 - Wheelchair Basketball Rock Up and Play session started and continues to run every Friday, completely free to attend.  

15/10/2019 - Event with CRASAC and Sexpression on the Piazza encouraging students to learn about consent. 

w/c 11/11/2010 - Trans Awareness Week: held workshops on making clubs trans-inclusive, had a trans-only swimming session (and a trans running group has subsequently been established), trans awareness training organised for Warwick Sport staff. 

11/11/2019 - DebunkingTheMyths campaign started with Sports Clubs. Weekly #MythMonday videos posted to try and break non-inclusive stereotypes. 

w/c 25/11/2019 - Pride Week: over 300 pairs of rainbow laces purchased by sports clubs (all donations go to Stonewall UK). 

4/12/2019 - Training for Sports Clubs on how to use the University's new Report and Support system for sexual misconduct.

12/12/2019 - Raised our concerns regarding the BUCS trans policy and have been tasked by the BUCS Chief Operating Director to independently review their trans policy with the guidance of the trans community here at Warwick. Have sent our review to BUCS and are awaiting their response.

17/12/2019 - Sport Pricing Consultation Survey closed and feedback is under review. 

w/c 27/01/2020 - Anti-Racism week, over 500 armbands distributed to clubs.

22/02/2020 - Seated Volleyball becomes the first disability sport at Varsity.

25/02/2020 - Letter writing campaign workshop to lobby NGBs to change their trans policies. 

23/03/2020 - Gym refunds for all finalists issued and memberships frozen for returning students. 

18/06/2020 - Succeeded in getting Warwick Sport to provide a cheaper 6 month gym membership for students.

14/07/2020 - Met with the University Commercial Director re. club pricing who agreed to meet all Club Presidents and be questioned on the pricing decisions. 

23/07/2020 - Charlotte was elected as the Student Rep to the BUCS Inclusion Board for the 2020/21 academic year to continue making university sport more accessible. 


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