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News from Sabbatical Officers

05. Transforming the Students’ Union into an organisation that students find relatable and useful by better communicating with students of all types

  • Increase voter turnout in the Autumn and Spring Elections.
  • Increase online engagement with social media posts by improving the quality, relevance and relatability of the content produced.
  • Better communicate SU “wins”.
  • Complete the review of SU Democracy to make it more accessible and relevant to every member of our community
  • Review our Part-Time Officer positions, so that all of our communities are represented.
  • Create a new branch of societies, named ‘Associations’, so that all of our communities are supported and welcomed.
  • Ensure that representing and supporting students of all types is worked into our SU strategy.
  • Conduct research into non-traditional students to see in what ways we can be supporting them more.


16/10/2019 - Trustee Board received report on 'Alternative Pathways', i.e. students following non-traditional pathways in education, such as degree apprenticeships.

21/10/2019 - Saw record-breaking turnout in the SU Autumn Elections.

21/11/2019 - Uploaded 'Officer Wins' onto the digital screens around SU buildings.

01/01/2020 - Roughly doubled online impressions and engagement with SU Instagram content since 2018. (Impressions increased from 421,999 to 1,077,491; engagements increased from 7,449 to 11,000.)

16/01/2020 - Uploaded the Officer 'Priority Tracker' onto the SU website, increasing transparency and Officer accountability.



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