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News from Sabbatical Officers

04. Fighting for an education system that is free, liberated, and accessible to all

  • Ensuring students understand the significance of any potential UCU strikes and educating them to what they mean in relation to the marketisation of Higher Education
  • Working alongside our PG students that teach to support them both as workers and students, fighting against casualisation
  • Educating students on the past of Warwick student activism and remind students of the power of the student voice in our Warwick community
  • Continuing the Decolonise Project and using its findings to liberate University curriculum, incorporating decolonisation, sustainability and wellbeing into our studies
  • Research into the rising costs of campus and raise these issues with the university around WP and accessibility


04/10/2019 - Catch up meetings with UCU to discuss areas for collaboration and future communications.

26/09/2019 - Working alongside the University in the creation of new teaching contracts for PGs that teach.

03/10/2019 - University card replacement fee entirely scrapped.

15/10/2019 - Completed plan to introduce the NUS scheme 'Responsible Futures' at Warwick, which seeks to embed sustainability and social responsibility in the curriculum; to be pitched at the University Education Exec.

25/11/2019 - Provided support to and showed solidarity with those striking in the UCU strikes. 




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