News from Sabbatical Officers

04. Fighting for an education system that is free, liberated, and accessible to all

  • Ensuring students understand the significance of any potential UCU strikes and educating them to what they mean in relation to the marketisation of Higher Education
  • Working alongside our PG students that teach to support them both as workers and students, fighting against casualisation
  • Educating students on the past of Warwick student activism and remind students of the power of the student voice in our Warwick community
  • Continuing the Decolonise Project and using its findings to liberate University curriculum, incorporating decolonisation, sustainability and wellbeing into our studies
  • Research into the rising costs of campus and raise these issues with the university around WP and accessibility


04/10/2019 - Catch up meetings with UCU to discuss areas for collaboration and future communications.


26/09/2019 - Working alongside the University in the creation of new teaching contracts for PGs that teach.


03/10/2019 - University card replacement fee entirely scrapped.


15/10/2019 - Completed plan to introduce the NUS scheme 'Responsible Futures' at Warwick, which seeks to embed sustainability and social responsibility in the curriculum; to be pitched at the University Education Exec.


25/11/2019 - Provided support to and showed solidarity with those striking in the UCU strikes. 


18/05/2020 - Worked with NUS on their national campaigns for greater student support in response to the impact of COVID-19. This includes both the ‘Student Safety Net’ campaign discussed above, as well as the ‘Sign, Write, Tell’ campaign focusing on having fee debt waived for healthcare students who, as a result of the pandemic, have joined the NHS frontline.


22/06/2020 - As part of our campaign to protect students facing financial hardship as a result of the outbreak of COVID-19, we signed a joint letter with local MPs, Zarah Sultana and Matt Western, calling on the Universities Minister to undertake urgent action to underwrite the HE sector with public funding, agree a jobs guarantee for casualised staff and put a real safety net policy in place for students.


22/06/2020 - Worked with the President of WarwickEnable and the incoming Disabled Students' Officer to ensure their disability survey and report was discussed by the University's Education Executive and recommendations embedded into plans and programme for online and blended learning in 2020/2021. This was then brought to the July meeting of the Senate, where committment to embedding their recommendations and other accessibility provisions into online learning.


01/07/2020 - Successfully lobbied the University to abolish fees for exam resits for Home students. The campaign for International Students to have exam resit fees abolised in line with Home students continues...


24/07/2020 - After months of collaborative discussion with the University's Widening Participation team, developed and voted in a new Part-Time Officer role: Widening Participation Officer, in order to increase student representation in University decision making and programmes for students from WP backgrounds.


2019-2020 - Ran the Decolonise Project for its first full year since being founded in 2019/2020, and supported the student advocates to work with 6 departments conducting research and each developing department-specific recommendations for improvement. Worked with the Education Executive and others to increase buy-in to what is now named the Decolonise Programme. Further embedded the work of the programme into the University's Education Strategy and plans for cross-institutional curriculum review. Produced an exective report of recommendations for Decolonising the University, teaching and learning to be taken forward into the next few years. Secured funding for the Decolonise Programme for a further year (2020/2021).




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