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News from Sabbatical Officers

03. Ensuring the University continues to work to close the Black Attainment Gap, and makes our campus one where every student can feel safe and supported no matter their background

  • Hold the university to account for creating an actionable plan for their ambition to close the Black Attainment Gap by 24/25.
  • Work with the University to create a strategy and implementation plan for tackling hate crime on campus.


08/01/2020 - First Race Equality Taskforce meeting: Pushed for true commitment and sufficient resourcing to create an actionable plan to close the Black Attainment Gap. The SU has been drawing together work being done by various groups and committees across the university, such as: Race Equality Taskforce; Education Strategy; Social Inclusion Strategy;  Widening Participation Strategy; Outcomes and recommendations of the WIHEA Learning Circle on Anti-Racist Pedagogy and Process.


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