News from Sabbatical Officers

03. Ensuring the University continues to work to close the Black Attainment Gap, and makes our campus one where every student can feel safe and supported no matter their background

  • Hold the university to account for creating an actionable plan for their ambition to close the Black Attainment Gap by 24/25.
  • Work with the University to create a strategy and implementation plan for tackling hate crime on campus.


08/01/2020 - Race Equality Taskforce meeting: Pushed for true commitment and sufficient resourcing to create an actionable plan to close the Black Attainment Gap. The SU has been drawing together work being done by various groups and committees across the university, such as: Race Equality Taskforce; Education Strategy; Social Inclusion Strategy;  Widening Participation Strategy; Outcomes and recommendations of the WIHEA Learning Circle on Anti-Racist Pedagogy and Process.


06/05/2020 - The meeting of the Race Equality Taskforce focused on the Black attainment gap took place. It was reiterated that the University has a target to eradicate the existing Black attainment gap (of 13.8%) by 2025. Discussed the NUS and UUK report on Closing the Gap (2019), and its recommendations. Discussed University data and better ways of collecting data so as not to erase important differences between specific ethnicities within the category of 'BAME'. Chloe spoke to the issue of there being no clear student-facing team to support students of colour or to consider and improve the lived experiences of students at Warwick. 

Advocated for the University to have a clear action plan specifically focused on addressing the attainment gap.


10/06/2020 - Chloe worked with the chair of the Race Equality Taskforce (Dr Meleisa Ono-George) and the Dean of Students (Rebecca Freeman), to have a University recognition of the impact of racial trauma on students' wellbeing, and thus a legitimate claim for mitigating circumstances. This supports the reduction of attainment gaps by creating systematic recognition of, and support to redress, the detrimental effects that existing in a society where racism is profound and prolific can have on Black students, and students of other racialised minorities. 


12/06/2020 - Communicated with the chair of the Race Equality Taskforce and Director of Social Inclusion after the University's response to the Black Lives Matter movement, maintaining our collaborative work in this area by sharing the concerns and calls of students, and our plans to raise these in other University committees.


12/06/2020 - Tiana (Welfare Officer) and Chloe (Education Officer) produced and promoted a survey for students of colour to collect their experiences of the University's approach to racism, their perceptions of the current Social Inclusion Strategy, the support offered for Black students, and other similar topics.


15/06/2020 - At the Students' Union University Liaison Group, Tiana and Chloe pushed the University to hold space for a discussion of racism, the responses to our survey and achieved an agreement for a further discussion about embedding anti-racist practices throughout all university service. This would help towards creating the structural change that would positively impact the Black attainment gap, however, unfortunately, this agreement was not upheld concretely. 


24/07/2020 - Tiana and Chloe ran a handover session with incoming Full and Part-Time Officers (2020/2021), explaining the progress to date and ensuring the next team are equipped to continue lobbying the University to better support Black students, to actively embedd anti-racist practices, and create an action plan for closing the Black attainment gap.


30/07/2020 - As part of the Race Equality Taskforce, Chloe will meet with the University's Executive Board to discuss support for students of colour, the Black attainment gap and Widening Participation. The conversation will focus on achieving greater and specific support for students of colour, and a real plan for coordinating the work to tackle the Black attainment gap, amongst other issues Black students have raised.


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