News from Sabbatical Officers

02. Campaigning for improvements to Wellbeing Services and other services intended to care for the mental and physical health of all students

  • Increase the number of sexual health clinics available on campus
  • Support the consolidation of wellbeing services into a single location on central campus
  • Research best practice for culturally competent care in a University context
  • Review training of those in supporting-roles across campus, including peer-to-peer support
  • Support the development of a University-wide Wellbeing Strategy to be implemented in 2020


04/09/2019 - Established a working relationship with Wellbeing Services, with monthly consultations to track the implementation of their new system.

12/10/2019 - Tiana, Luke & Charlotte all received Mental Health First Aid Training.

30/10/2019 - Had the first Student Wellbeing Strategy Group meeting to begin discussions of aims and objects of the University Strategy to be implemented uni-wide. Tiana has had weekly input into this strategy to support the shape and objectives which will include addressing both staff and students in supporting roles, staff training and more.  

8/1/2020 - Following further research into culturally competent mental health support, including that mentioned in Student Minds' Mental Health Charter, Tiana pushes for this to be implemented at various levels of support throughout the University. 

10/1/2020  - Our first student-led sexual health clinic was run in SUHQ, allowing students to use testing kits on campus with more frequent clinics now happening. 

04/2020 -  Tiana conducted further Warwick-specific research and sector-wide research around what culturally competent mental health support would look like at Warwick 

12/06/2020 - Following the murder of George Floyd, Chloe & Tiana conducted research onto the University's  response to racism at University to campaign for further change. Chloe got the University to officially recognise racial trauma within mitigating circumstances. 

24/07/2020 - Tiana presents her research on Culturally Competent Student Support to key members of decision makers at the University with recommendations for what the University should be doing to tackle the current issues students face including LGBTUA+ students, care leavers, students of colour, disabled students and more.



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