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News from Sabbatical Officers

10. Improving the experience of students as they become members of our surrounding communities in Coventry and Leamington

  • Introduce the online ‘Rate Your Landlord’ service to increase the accountability of landlords in surrounding communities.
  • Develop a University-wide Hate Crime strategy.
  • Share guidance on finding housemates at Housing Day.
  • Lobby nightclubs in surrounding areas to introduce the ‘Ask For Angela’ scheme, or something similar.
  • Work with the University to improve transport services.


15/09/2019 - Contacted local nightclubs about adopting the 'Ask For Angela' scheme.

20/09/2019 - Met with Matt Western MP to discuss Sabbatical Officers' top priorities relating to the local area.

15/10/2019 - Supported 15 student volunteers at a Canal Clean-Up event in Leamington Spa.

27/11/2019 - Held a hugely popular Housing Day in the Atrium, at which over 1,000 housing guides were distributed to students.

03/12/2019 - Money secured from the University to adopt the 'Rate Your Landlord' service.

15/12/2019 - Established monthly catchup meetings with the University's new Director of Transport.


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