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Warwick SU as your Union represents your voice and interests not just at a local level within the University but regionally and nationally. We strongly believe that a collective student voice is a strong voice and as such we are affiliated to the National Union of Students (NUS).

NUS is more than just a discount card and has been championing the voice of students and Students’ Unions since 1922. NUS provide lots of opportunities for your voice to be heard at a national level. They work with the Students' Union and your student leaders to engage with the sector and ensure that we are all working in your best interests.

So how can you get involved in the national debate?

Become an NUS Delegate

Every year the NUS hold a National Conference that brings together delegates from all affiliated Students’ Unions and is one of the world’s largest gatherings of students. At conference they debate on topics and issues that impact all students and decide on what would become NUS policy and worked on at a national level.

Warwick SU sends 7 delegates to represent the voice of Warwick students at NUS National Conference. One of these delegates is the President that acts as lead delegate. The remaining 6 delegates are elected in our Autumn Election. All you need to do is visit and nominate yourself before the 11th October.

Please Note: this year’s NUS National Conference will be taking place from Tuesday 31st March to Thursday 2nd April 2020 in Liverpool. Accommodation, travel and food will be provided along with training.

Write a Motion to be considered at NUS National Conference

NUS National Conference is where motions from across the country are raised, debated and voted on. This ranges from free education or supporting students involved in sex work. These are national topics that have wide scoping impacts not just at Warwick but all students. You are able to submit motions to be considered at conference from Warwick SU all you need to do it pass it through our structures first.

At the end of the day there is no point having a National Conference if there is nothing to debate after all. So if you have an idea or motion you want to take to a national level let us know and we can help you get it there. There is nothing to lose but a lot to gain from getting involved in the national student movement.

Just contact the democracy team or any of your officers to support and information.

Stand to be a NUS Officer

NUS, just like your Union, is led by a number of Officers. This could be you and you can lead the national voice of students from across the UK. The NUS Officer led national campaigns and initiatives and directly lobby the government and other national bodies. So if you think you have what it takes to be NUS’s next President then let us know and we can give you more information.


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