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Funding Application Deadline

The next funding application deadline is Monday 28th October 2019 at 1pm. These applications will be discussed and decided at the Development Exec meeting on Wednesday 30th October 2019.

Complete your funding application here

What makes a Good Funding Bid?

In general, here are some points to consider when writing your application


  • Be specific about the costs involved e.g. "return train travel from London to Coventry - £30"
  • Research your costs and request quotes. Any quotes or proof of costs can be emailed to
  • Clearly differentiate any costs that you are NOT requesting funding for
  • Be clear about your project/ campaign aims and how they benefit students
  • Consider the timeline of your project / camapign carefully


  • Request funding for alcohol
  • Apply for funding for projects that do not impact students as students
  • Apply for funding for events or projects that are recurring events or projects
  • Inflate your costs - it doesn't make it more likely you will be funded
  • Apply at the last minute - allow at least 4 weeks in term time
  • Forget to reclaim any funds granted

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