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Extinction Rebellion University of Warwick

The Warwick Uni chapter of an international group calling for governments and the University to tell the truth about the Climate Emergency and to act now.

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What is Extinction Rebellion Warwick? What do we do?

University of Warwick Extinction Rebellion is a group of people who think that their time is best spent working directly to improve our response to the climate emergency. Although University of Warwick declared a climate emergency last year we believe that it must be continuously pressured to act with urgency. Past targets failed and unmet promises to divest[1] lead us to thinking that despite its language, the University is not recognising the critical importance of acting radically to face climate breakdown.

 As an organisation we mitigate power structures, therefore we don’t have leaders- everyone is as much a part of XR as they want to be. We have weekly meetings where we discuss and vote on major decisions as well as socials and large group actions which contribute to our campaigns.  

As a university group, we think that we are uniquely positioned to influence a large institution which has so far refused to act proportionately on climate change. Although we also take part in nationwide action (such as the October rebellion in London last year), we think that campaigns against certain aspects of university practice can have very positive effects.

How are we related to the national group?

UoW XR is linked to the national group in name and intention. Our local group at the Uni is totally autonomous, and when it comes to national scandals we have published individually and collectively to make our positions known[2]. Even though most of us disagree with some national minority tactics such as the debt strike, the drone action and the tube blockage, we are still aligned with the goals of Extinction Rebellion. These goals are:

Tell the Truth- The government must declare a climate emergency.

Act Now- The government must set 2025 as a target for carbon neutrality.

Beyond Politics- The government must call for the formation of a citizen’s assembly to decide on climate change policy. This will be organised so as to be representative of the UK, and its decisions must be legally binding for the government. [3]

The only requirements for joining XR are that you agree that these are the right goals to pursue and that you will adhere to the 10 values and principles of XR, which detail non-violence amongst other important values[4].

If you agree that we must act immediately and powerfully against the climate crisis, and that campaigning for direct democracy is the best way to do this, then check out our facebook page and come to a weekly meeting.


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