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Students Save 22 Tonnes of Waste From Landfill

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Since April 1st Warwick students have saved over 22 tonnes of clothing, electrical items and books from ending up in landfill!

In partnership with the University and the Students’ Union, the British Heart Foundation placed 40 large red donation bins across the university’s campus last term, collecting over 27,000 bags of donated goods.

The donations are sent to local British Heart Foundation shops for resale, where they are estimated to generate almost £38,500 for the charity.

As part of the Moving Out Without Losing Out campaign the Students’ Union also organised a clothing swap shop alongside the week 7 food market, a now-termly event which will next take place on Wednesday of week 7. Donations from those with nothing to swap at these events go to supporting the local Canley Community Centre.

Check out our WasteLess directory for tips on how to reduce waste, from food waste to fast fashion, and share your own!


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