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Lay Trustees needed

Fri 05 Jul 2024

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Warwick SU is looking for two new Trustees to add to the skills and perspectives of our Board. We are particularly interested in candidates with legal or financial experience.Read more

Cost of Living Survey

Thu 27 Jun 2024

Coins and notes

We've created the Cost of Living Survey so we can gather an accurate reflection of student experiences, and listen to student concerns. Fill out our survey below.Read more

Summer Opening Hours

Wed 29 Jun 2022

Summer Opening Times

We've wrapped up for the year! Check out when your SU services and outlets are open over the summerRead more

Kieran Barry - Widening Participation Officer End of Year Update -

Wed 07 Jun 2023

What a year! When I started back in September, I had no idea what to expect. I joined the SU a bit nervous and fresh-faced, but can say that now I feel entirely at home. The changes we’ve made for the Widening Participation (and wider Warwick) community are, I hope, some of the first steps to real change on campus. Some big wins Read more

Gender Expression Fund

Mon 06 Feb 2023

Warwick Pride are proud to be running the second year of the Gender Expression Fund: a community-led fund that transgender, non-binary and gender non-conforming students.Read more

SU Cost of Living Survey Summary

Wed 25 Jan 2023

A mixture of different Coins, including a large number of copper coloured 1p's and 2p's spread acros

At the end of last term, we created a survey to collect data on students’ experiences during the cost of living crisis. Here are the results.Read more

We stand together against transphobia

Mon 08 Nov 2021

We stand together against transphobia

In our roles as representatives at Warwick SU, we stand in solidarity with the trans and non-binary communities, and their allies, protesting at the University of Sussex. This statement explains why.Read more

International Pronouns Day

Wed 20 Oct 2021

It’s International Pronouns Day! I’m Nathan, your Postgraduate Officer, and my pronouns are they/them. As a nonbinary person, it’s obviously quite important to me for people to know my pronouns, but I’d like to take a little time to help you understand the profound impact pronouns can have, and explain why we should all make a habit of sharing our pronouns and askinRead more

My first month in office

Fri 15 Oct 2021

In my manifesto I promised an SU that works for you, that was fit for postgrads, and where student priorities drive decisions. I also promised regular updates so you can stay in the know. I’ve been in post just over a month, and experienced first-hand the barriers to changing things about the SU that don’t work for you. I believe more strongly than ever that the SU needRead more


Formula 1 Society news

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