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General Election 2019: voting info for students

#GE2019 takes place this Thursday, 12th December. It's YOUR future that's about to be decided - let's make sure students get heard! Click through for information about where and how to vote on the day.Read more

Spring Elections 2020 – coming soon!

Make your mark and lead the next chapter of the student experience at Warwick.Read more

REWIND - tickets now on sale!
Picture of Varski, Patrick Nazemi, Freshers Flamingo and Postgraduate Parrot

Relive those halcyon, carefree days of Welcome Week with us in Term 2 as we bring back the sights and sounds which made up the best week of your life!Read more

Warwick SU Xmas Vacation Opening Times

We'll still be open in the run-up to Christmas! Click through to see our full opening times.Read more

Meeting Room 2 renamed 'The Kevin Gately Room'

Kevin Gately was a Second-Year Mathematics student at Warwick who died as a result of head injuries sustained while attending an anti-fascist march against the National Front in 1974.Read more

Brexit - information for students and staff

As the deadline for the UK's departure from the EU approaches, the University has compiled guidance for students, future students and staff online.Read more

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