Impact Report 2020-21 Term 3

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Warwick Students’ Union
2020-21 Term 3
Impact Report


Despite the continuing challenges of operating with Coronavirus restrictions, the SU Officers and staff team were able to overcome these difficulties to successfully
deliver social activities, support, and representation for our student members.

Our sports clubs, societies, and food & drink outlets did what they could when they could to maintain a sense of community.

We facilitated student-led campaigns to make a difference on the issues that matter to you.

The SU Advice Centre maintained their support for students needing help with academic issues, housing, money, and health & wellbeing, and our Community Hubs provided news and resources for marginalised student groups.

Your Course and Faculty Reps continued to give you the best possible academic representation, and the Summer Elections and All Student Vote ensured the SU still represents the voice of students.

Thank you to every one of you who got involved with the SU in any way during term three. Here are just some of our standout stats and achievements…

Student Voice

The SU’s 656 Course Reps, 15 Faculty Reps and 8 Department Reps all helped represent Warwick students’ academic interests.

Union Awards:

The Union Awards gave us a chance to celebrate those students who help make Warwick SU such an exciting place to frequent, socialise, volunteer and work.

  • 115 students were nominated for 14 Student Voice & Impact Awards (up 22% from 2020

  • 52 students were nominated for Course Rep of the Year (up 27% from 2020)

  • 28 SLCs were nominated for SSLC of the Year (up 300% from 2020)

  • 206 students were nominated for Societies Awards (up 108% from 2020)

  • 62 societies were nominated for 20 Society of the Year awards (up 288% from 2020)

Transforming Education Awards: 

67 outstanding University staff members were nominated by their students for 12 Transforming Education awards


  • 1,904 votes were cast in the Summer elections for Student Trustees and Association Committees

  • 154 students voted to elect their Course Reps

  • 1,344 votes were cast in the All Student Vote, giving students a voice on the issues that matter to them

Food, Drinks and Fun!

  • Curiositea sold 1,234 paninis

  • The Terrace Bar sold 3,237 fishbowls

  • The Dirty Duck - sold 1,747 burgers

  • The Pop! livestreams with Disco Dave have had a consistent following every week, keeping a sense of student community, and giving students an escape from their stresses.

Projects and Campaigns

  • The SU Ethnic Minorities Officers collaborated with the University to launch the Say My Name project, an initiative to help us get each other’s names right.

  • We worked with Beat, the eating disorders charity, to campaign for positive change around eating disorders support, publishing student blogs and allying with the Warwick Medical School Disability Network.

  • SU Officers worked with 59 other SUs to organise over 20 events for this year’s Campus Pride

  • As a result of our LGBTQUA+ campaigns, the University have added a new pronouns field to student records, and put sanitary bins in all toilets.

  • We launched our Party Smart campaign, to make sure students who choose to use drugs and alcohol stay as safe as possible

  • As part of our EveryBody campaign, we published students’ blogs about their experiences with eating disorders and body positivity.

  • Several SU societies worked together to host LibCon21 – 3 days of events about liberation issues

  • The annual Pressure Drop campaign returned, with study tips and resources to support students through the exam period.

Student Officers

  • Worked with the University to deliver a Term 2 rent waiver to eligible students in off-campus accommodation.

  • Pushed the University to open up additional study space for Term 3, including spaces for students to take exams.

  • Continue to lobby the University to ensure as much teaching as possible is in-person in Term 1.

  • Ensuring students’ voices are heard in future plans for blended learning.

Sports Clubs and Societies

  • Loads of Sports clubs held free taster sessions for all students as part of our Summer of Sport

  • 3,000 students took up over 4,500 individual sports club memberships.

  • 185 students were nominated for Sports Club Colours

  • 1,250 students took up 5,900 society memberships.


  • In Term 3 we did our best to keep you updated on the changing Covid-19 guidance, as well as all the latest news on SU services, activities and campaigns. Some of the info must have got through, because:

  • 7,250 of you regularly read the Students’ Union’s weekly email newsletters

  • The SU website had 393,000 page views

  • We increased our number of followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to nearly 43,000

  • Our Facebook posts had a total reach of 27,624

  • Our Tweets had over 150,000 impressions

  • Our most popular Instagram post received over 1,100 likes

Finally, a big thank you to the 1,171 of you who completed the Pulse survey to tell us what you think about your university experience, wellbeing issues and the Students’ Union. We’ll use what you have told us to make your SU the best it can be.

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