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DCL Ball

Event from Warwick Salsa

Saturday 17 February 2024, 8.00AM - Sunday 18 February 2024, 3.00AM

Guild of Students, University of Birmingham 

Warwick Salsa goes to Dance Club Latino ball! 

Think you're up for a whole morning...afternoon...evening... night of salsa????!!

We certainly are. That's why salsa society will be travelling to birmingham on Saturday 17th of February for a day of workshops, classes, competitions and (optional) drinks! To top it all off, the day concludes with a ball held in the beautiful Great Hall of Birmingham University. This years theme is CALI, inspired by the biggest salsa festival in the world, the Cali Fair in Colombia, the International Capital of Salsa. So its a wonderful chance to get out those bright colours!

The details:

Classes/workshops run throughout the day with a massive selection of dance styles taught by incredible professionals. You can stick to salsa and bachata or branch out to kizomba, reggaeton, rueda, chacha, burlseque, ladies styling.....and so many more! We'll give you a schedule sp you can pick which classes you want to go to - or just grab a friend and try something different!

In the afternoon, they'll be a break from classes for the inter-university competition, in which we have two teams competing! So come along and cheer for your friends while they kill it on stage!

The evening: 

After dinner, we'll all change into our nice outfits and attend the amazing Salsa ball. This is a night of social dancing and also incredible shows from international performers. They'll also be line ups of course!!!

The logistics:

We've arranged a coach for pickup at 8am in Leamington Spa (Parish Church) and 8:15 on campus (bluebell car park). This will get us to Uni of Birmingham just after 9am. The price for this is included in the Event + Transport ticket; so if you buy one of these you'll have a space on the coach. But hurry, there's only 52 seats! Alternatively, if you want to make your own way there/come later in the day; please purchase an Event only ticket. There is a limit of 13 tickets. If we run out of Event Only tickets and you would still like to attend, let us know before Saturday 20th January and we may be able to get you a ticket!

What do I wear? Whatever you want and feel comfortable in. For the day (classes) we reccomend leggings, trackies, comfy clothes etc. It's A LOT of dancing and you will get sweaty! Bring your dance shoes of course but also a pair of trainers you can dance in. Ladies, trust me, you don't want to be in heels for 18 hours!! For the ball; get dressed up! It's not formal but try to match the theme as best you can! Make it something you both want to dance in and take loads of pictures in!!!

How do I get home? If you've paid for the coach - it will pick us up at 3am and deliver you back to campus/leam - easy! 

What if I get hungry? Bring lunch and bring snacks. There's usually a shop open but no guarentees and you will want constant energy boosts when dancing! For dinner, we will provide suggestions for places to eat around the university to go with friends. Alternatively just head to the SU bar for a burger and pint!

I have questions.... Most of the exec have done this before, some more than once, so let us know if you have any questions!!!

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