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Warwick Student Cinema: M3gan - Early

Event from Warwick Student Cinema

Friday 17 February 2023, 6.30PM - Friday 17 February 2023, 8.30PM

L3, Science Concourse 

Come see M3gan presented with 4K Laser projection on the big screen in L3!

From the moment the trailer for M3GAN dropped, the film inspired countless twitter memes and gifs. In the latest entry into the evil toy universe, M3GAN is developed to be a child’s best friend but eventually becomes overprotective and dangerous. The film is produced by James Wan, the horror filmmaker behind the Saw, Insidious and Conjuring franchises (with the latter famously also featuring a creepy doll), and M3GAN looks to have lots in common with Wan’s Malignant. Let’s hope M3GAN is as entertaining as Malignant was! M3GAN has already captured the audience’s attention through her dancing inspiring many memes online. Universal are so confident in the film that they’ve already announced a sequel, so make sure to come check out a potential new franchise starter here!

Jordan Ilan

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