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Event from Warwick Tap

Sun 19 February 2023 15:00-22:00
19/02/2023, 15:00 - 19/02/2023, 22:00

Sunday 19 February 2023, 3.00PM - Sunday 19 February 2023, 10.00PM

Royal Leamington Spa Centre 

Pizazz is an annual show run by Warwick Tap, hosted to aid our charity of the year, Beat. Warwick Tap are proud to be supporting Beat through all profits gained at Pizazz. Beat is the UK’s nationwide Eating Disorder charity, providing vital support to those suffering from eating disorders of many types, and those caring for those who suffer. They run helplines, training workshops, self-help sessions and conferences, each targeted to provide the specific support which is needed. Moreover, through fundraising campaigns and events, Beat raises awareness of the various illnesses which involve disordered eating, with the aim to reduce the stigma often faced by sufferers, and work towards a healthcare system which promotes recovery for all. Eating disorders currently affect over a million people across the country; Beat’s aim is to ensure that not one of these has to suffer alone. 

Pizazz is a collaboration show, featuring dances from 10-15 dance societies and around 150 dancers, making it the largest university dance showcase of the year. 

The aims of Pizazz are two-fold: 

  • First, the show allows us to raise a large amount of money for charity through methods such as ticket sales, donations from attendees and dancers, programme sales, t-shirt sales. It helps to bring attention to the charity, furthering the positive impact that the event could have. To adhere to Warwick SU charity guidelines, tickets will be available sans charitable donation, with people encouraged to choose the more expensive ticket if they’re able. Other income aside from ticket sales is all a charitable cash collection and shall be performed in accordance with national guidelines. 
  • The second aim is to bring together a wide variety of dance styles, allowing the incredible talent at Warwick to be seen by a vast number of people. Some audience members may see a style of dance for the very first time, and the sharing of both skill and culture is a large part of Pizazz. In addition to this, performing for such a large audience is an incredible way for dancers to increase their self-confidence, and brings the various dancers together in a way otherwise impossible. Our target audience is a rather wide net, with the bulk of attendees being friends and family of performers, arriving for the weekend to see the show, but they’re not the only ones. Students looking for an evening of entertainment, or people from the local area are also invited to buy tickets. This wide net ensures both of our aims and performing for so many people gives the dancers an event they can be proud of – one that will remain in their minds for a long time after it’s finished.

Tickets are ON SALE now so buy them quick! Through purchasing an ticket via the SU you will be provided with a physical ticket which you will need to show on the door in order to watch the show. 


First 4 Ticket Opitons are for Matinee Performance (3pm-5pm)

Last 4 Ticket Options are for Evening Performance (7:30pm-9:30pm)

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: Purchaisng a ticket through SU (Here) means you will be allocated seats (you will not get to chose and it's a first purchase, first given allocation system). If you want to chose your seats specifically we recommend purchasing your tickets through the Leamington Spa Centre Box Office where you will be able to pick from a seating plan. The link for these tickets is here:





£9.00 (*Member)
£9.50 (*Non-Member)
£13.00 (Charitable Member)
£13.50 (Charitable NonMember)
£9.00 (Member Evening)
£9.50 (NonMember Evening)
£13.00 (CharitableMemEven)
£13.50 (CharitableNonMemEven)
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