Welcome Week LARP Taster Adventure

Event from Tabletop Games and Roleplaying Society

Sunday 29 September 2019, noon - 5pm


LARP (Live Action Roleplay) takes roleplaying beyond dice rolling and gridded mats. In LARP you physically take part in the adventure, either as a player character or one of the monsters. We will start off indoors for introductions and kitting up before going outside to go questing in the nearby forest. The adventure will serve as an introduction to the rules and lore of the society’s UNITY system, as well as to LARPing in general. If you are a newcomer, you will have the chance to experience being a player character as well as being a monster pitted against the adventuring party.

Fighting is done with an assortment of foam weapons such as swords, axes and two-handed weapons in addition to a wide range of options for magic. People of all skills are welcome, from LARP combat experts to those holding a sword for the first time. The society has all the required gear but you may bring your own if you wish.

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