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Morocco Tour Activities

Event from Surf

Sun 05 Feb 2023 12:00 - Mon 06 Feb 2023 12:00
05/02/2023, 12:00 - 06/02/2023, 12:00

Sunday 05 February 2023, 12.00PM - Monday 06 February 2023, 12.00PM


During tour we took part in a number of optional activities that come with an additional charge to the original tour price. It is now time to pay for these!!!!

We do have a list of who took part in each activity, but instead of chasing everyone individually it would be much easier if everyone could pay for the things that they did as extra independently.

INSURANCE: £19 (please pay this if you filled out that you would like insurance on your google form, even if you didn't end up needing it you still have to pay)

AGADIR MARKET: £9 (anyone who went on the day trip to Agadir market)

AGADIR NIGHT OUT: £19 (anyone who went to the "English Pub"  for our Night out)

Please buy an individual ticket for each of these things that apply to you ASAP. Message Ed or the chat if you have questions.


£19.00 (Insurance)
£19.00 (Agadir Night Out)
£9.00 (Agadir Market)
Please log in to buy tickets.

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