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UWBC 2024 Spring Tournament

Event from Badminton

Saturday 09 March 2024, 9.00AM - Saturday 09 March 2024, 5.00PM


Our term 2 tournament is open to all university staff, students, alumni and general public provided they meet the entry requirements.

? Played 1 or less BUCS matches that season

? Not played Badminton England Tournaments that season

? Below the Cov League 1st team Divisions

? Alumni have never played BUCS matches

This year we will be chaging our Mens's singles and doubles to an 'Open' category due to badminton England's new regulations under equality, diversion and inclusion: 

- Female competition – players assigned female at birth can enter this category
- Open competition – all individuals will be eligible to compete in the open category. This will replace the men’s category.

Open and Women’s singles and doubles, as well as mixed doubles will be played. It is an opportunity for our players to get a chance to play against others they may not have done before. Everyone is guaranteed a minimum of two matches in each discipline they enter.

For more information on the updated regulations, please see: 




This event will be played at the Sports and Wellness Hub on the University’s campus, with prizes available for the winners and runners up. At £6 per discipline, it proves excellent value for money too.

Entries Close: 12:00 Sunday 3rd March 2024

All events will be played in groups with a knockout stage if there is more than one group in an event.

Unless stated after the closing date, all events shall be played with Rally Points Scoring and will be one game to 21 points with no setting during the group stage, with setting in the knockouts and best of 3 games with setting in the finals.

Open and Women’s singles will start at 9:00am, with all other start times to be notified after the closing date (Level Doubles expected around 12:00noon and Mixed Doubles around 3:00pm).

For further details please contact the tournament organiser Feryal at Feryal.Mirza@warwick.ac.uk

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View All Events


£6.00 (Open Singles)
£6.00 (Open Doubles)
£6.00 (Women's Doubles)
£6.00 (Mixed Doubles)
£6.00 (Women's Singles)

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