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Warwick India Forum - ASTITVA 2023

Event from India Forum

Sun 05 February 2023 09:00-22:00
05/02/2023, 09:00 - 05/02/2023, 22:00

Sunday 05 February 2023, 9.00AM - Sunday 05 February 2023, 10.00PM




Our flagship forum is an enriching platform which allows individuals to be inspired by the success stories experienced by various high profile Indian personas. We at WIF are committed to bringing Indian issues to the fore and our impetus is to highlight socially relevant discourse for students from a wide variety of backgrounds. We strive to bring our vision “Engage, Influence, Aspire” to life by inviting prominent Indian figures to speak out forum, conducting an intellectually stimulating and entertaining experience as well as advising students on their professional careers throughout the year!

Our flagship event provides an encompassing experience by including speakers from the various fields of Indian business, politics, law, economics, entertainment, literature, sports and mental health. We are determined to provide an inspirational yet informative platform for students to understand the dedication and diligence required to fulfil their aspirations as well as provide speaker with the opportunity to interact with dedicated potential talent.

The forum consists of multiple speaker sessions and panels throughout the day, including theme specific question and answer sessions conducted by forum executive members. At WIF we strive to create a platform which encourages collaboration and open intellectual discussion therefore our event features brief interactive question and answer opportunities between the audience and our speakers.


£20.50 (Forum + Networking)
£16.00 (*Member)
£17.00 (*Non-Member)
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