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Student Staff Awards


Warwick SU wouldn't be the place it is without the incredible work that is done by our student staff.

Whether they are working in our commercial outlets, supporting specific projects/areas or promoting everything that makes the SU great, these students are an incredible source of energy and new ideas that keeps the SU in touch with our wider membership.

Details of award categories and info about how to nominate can be found below. If you know a student who work at the SU, and has made the Union or University a better place because of it, nominate them NOW!

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Decolonise Advocate of the Year

Warwick Students’ Union has embarked on Decolonising the Curriculum at Warwick. This is a big project that takes a massive culture shift. Decolonise Advocates are meeting with departments and working on Decolonisation one department at a time. This award is for the Advocate who has developed great relationships within the department and started the culture change that is needed for this project to succeed.

This award is open to any Decolonise Advocate

Democracy Assistant of the Year

Democracy is an essential function of the SU. We need to make sure that all students know our democratic functions and get them engaged through voting, nominating, or submitting motions. Democracy Assistants get the word out on campus to help students engage with democracy. This award is for a Democracy Assistant that can get students passionate about democracy and encourage students to get involved.

This award is open to any Democracy Assistant.

SU Ambassador of the Year

For many students, the first experience of Warwick Students’ Union is a SU Ambassador on an Open Day. Championing the SU and communicating the great opportunities available is an important role. This award is for the SU Ambassador that communicates well with prospective students and can make any student passionate about what the SU does.

This award is open to any SU Ambassador.

Peer Led Staff of the Year

The Peer Led Project is all about co-development and co-creation of projects. From Engagement to Training, they work with students to support them and develop ways of pushing departments further. This award is for the Peer Led Staff member who has engaged with stakeholders, developed great work, and helped the SU go further.

This award is open to any Peer Led Staff Member.

Team Player

The success of a project comes down to it’s team members. People who can get the job done, succeed in what they do, and support other team members to achieve goals are a great Team Player. This award is for the student staff member who contributes to the team dynamic and is an essential part of any area they work on.

This award is open to any SU Student Staff Member.

Best Leader

Leadership is more than just being good at delegation. It takes passion, dedication, and most importantly supporting your team. Having someone to help lead a team to success in their work is a vital role in all areas of the SU.. This award is for the leader that has demonstrated all the skills it takes to be a great leader.

This award is open to any SU Student Staff Member.

Outstanding Commitment

Dedication and commitment to the role can come in many forms. Being able to go above and beyond to help the team, being dependable, and giving the passion for the role show commitment. This award is for a student staff member who shows commitment and dedication to their role.

This award is open to any SU Student Staff Member

Customer Service

Making sure our students have a great experience when accessing the Students’ Union. From our commercial outlets to the reception desks, whatever a student accesses within the SU, there are many areas that chat to students every day. This award is for the student staff member that makes sure that every student that comes to them, they get the answers and items they want and make the SU a welcoming place to be.

This award is open to any SU Student Staff Member

Most Supportive

Having a supportive and enjoyable environment at work is essential. This award is for the student staff member who is there for their colleagues. They are a person to chat to and can help you in situations.

This award is open to any SU Student Staff member

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