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Summer Elections Results 2022

SU Summer Elections for 2022-23

Many thanks to all those that have voted in the Summer Elections this year! In total, 782 of you casted 4105 votes across the 16 positions available. The provisional results for your student elected SU Committee positions, Trans Students' Officer & Faculty Reps for 2022-23 are as follows:

SU Part-Time Officers

Trans Students' Officer: Ella Osho (38 votes - Results Breakdown)


Democracy Committee

Committee Member: Nathan Stone (163 votes)

Committee Member: Isabelle Mercer (128 votes)

Committee Member: Joshua Hargan (114 votes)

Committee Member: James Cox (87 votes)

Results Breakdown

Development Committee

Committee Member: Sajid Mahmood (141 votes)

Committee Member: Nathan Cox (116 votes)

Committee Member: Callum Dyer (103 votes)

Committee Member: Lance Wilson (101 votes)

Results Breakdown

Welfare Committee

Committee Member: Denys Stepanets (106 votes)

Committee Member: Nia Marcus-Taylor (103 votes)

Committee Member: Hugh Herring (96 votes)

Committee Member: Martha Almeida (87 votes)

Results Breakdown

Environment Committee

Committee Member: Tom Garth (193 votes)

Committee Member: Mahek Bhatia (106 votes)

Committee Member: Kieran Mardania (100 votes)

Committee Member: Jay Barton (79 votes)

Results Breakdown

Sports Committee

Committee Member: Olivia Messom (105 votes)

Committee Member: Matt Ball (95 votes)

Committee Member: Katie Duncan (79 votes)

Committee Member: George Lynch (78 votes)

Committee Member: Luke Degun (68 votes)

Committee Member: Alex Tatchell (64 votes)

Results Breakdown

Societies Committee

Committee Member: Max Pike (62 votes)

Committee Member: Felix Gilroy (62 votes)

Committee Member: Caius Liu (62 votes)

Committee Member: Antonio Brito (60 votes)

Committee Member: Lucy Claridge (58 votes)

Committee Member: Sueda Oktay (55 votes)

Results Breakdown

Faculty Reps

Arts Faculty Reps

Arts Faculty Rep (Open): Luke Pender (52 votes)

Arts Faculty Rep (Open): Sidney Pycroft (46 votes)

Results Breakdown

Science, Engineering & Medicine Faculty Reps

SEM Faculty Rep (Open): Michelle Heinrich (151 votes)

SEM Faculty Rep (Open): Thomas Hart (50 votes)

Results Breakdown

Social Sciences Faculty Reps

Social Sciences Faculty Rep (Open): Rafig Niftaliyev (77 votes)

Social Sciences Faculty Rep (Open): Jack Bateman (49 votes)

Social Sciences Faculty Rep (Open): Caleb Heather (37 votes)

Results Breakdown

If you wish to submit a complaint about relating to any of these positions or candidates please email democracy@warwicksu.com.

Contact Us

If you need to ask any questions about the elections process, you can visit us in the Democratic Services Office on the top floor of SUHQ. Alternatively, you can contact us using the details below.